Welcome to Ferebee Farm!

Ferebee Farm is a sustainable grass-based farm near Rock Hill, South Carolina. We produce meats and eggs on chemical-free pasture without antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial hormones, or steroids.

We implement the same methods Joel Salatin uses on Polyface Farm in Virginia. Our pasture is maintained using rotational grazing; our sheep and goats are followed by poultry to mimic the symbiotic relationships of large herbivores and birds in places like the American plains or the African savannas. After our livestock graze down a section of pasture, our poultry move behind them several days later to a buffet of fresh, tender grass shoots and insects. The poultry in turn fertilize the pasture so the grass just keeps growing thicker and faster for the livestock.

We raise our animals in a way that allows them to express themselves the way God created them to. Our animals receive as much leafy green forage (salad bar) as they can utilize to their full genetic potential. Our sheep eat as much grass as they want, our chickens scratch and peck as they forage to their hearts content, and our pigs root, till, and browse in the woods all day long.

Our laying hen flock and all of our livestock are heritage breeds including our Gulf Coast Native sheep, Oberhasli dairy goats, Dominique chickens and Plymouth Rock chickens.