Gulf Coast Sheep

We raise Gulf Coast sheep, a hardy heritage breed from the southeastern United States, descended from flocks left by the Spaniards in the 1500s. Gulf Coast sheep are critically endangered with less than 200 annual registrations and with an estimated worldwide population of less than 2,000. Gulf Coast meat is listed in Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste.

Gulf Coast sheep have specially adapted to this environment, developing high heat and humidity tolerance, parasite and footrot resistance, and excellent foraging ability. Because of the low lanolin content of the wool, this breed produces delicious, tender meat that is wonderfully mild and lacks the gamey flavor found in many other wool breeds of sheep.

IMG_9817Sheep are uniquely created to efficiently convert pasture forages into high quality meat and fiber. We practice intensive rotational grazing when raising our 100% grass fed lamb to maximize health, forage growth, and meat quality. Our sheep have a varied pasture diet of grasses, clovers, and other nutritious herbs.

Grass-fed lamb is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. It is lower in fat and cholesterol, and it is higher in Omega 3, fatty acids, and CLAs, than feedlot lamb. Our lambs never receive any grain, antibiotics, steroids, artificial hormones or any other drugs. Pasture is their sole diet from birth to processing.

Gulf Coast sheep yield a medium fleece with average fiber diameters of 26-32 microns. Their fleeces are usually very soft, open, wavy to crimpy, low in grease with an average staple length of 2½ to 4 inches. Gulf Coast wool is not harsh to the skin; it makes great fabric, blankets, and yarn for knitting. We have yarn spun from our flock’s fleeces available for sale in 4 oz skeins.


Sheep/Lamb Products and Prices

Salad Bar Lamb (100% Grass-Fed)
Lamb Loin Chops (1″ thick, 4/pack) 18.99/lb
Loin Roast $12.50/lb
Rack of Lamb (Rib Rack) $18.99/lb
Leg of Lamb (whole, bone in) $12.50/lb
Kebab Meat $14.50/lb
Shoulder Steak/Chops $12.50/lb
Shoulder Roast $12.50/lb
Stew Meat $10.00/lb
Ground Lamb $9.00/lb
Ribs $8.00/lb
Shanks $9.00/lb
Organ Meats (Livers, Hearts, Kidneys, etc.) $6.00/lb
Soup Bones $6.00/lb
Wool Yarn (4 oz skeins) $12.00/ea.
Raw Fleeces (available after spring shearing) $15.00/lb
Shearling Lambskins – Available Now!