Pastured Eggs

IMG_0272Ranging throughout the barnyard and pasture, our laying hens act as biological cleansers as they devour multitudes of insects, worms, and other pests. After our livestock finish grazing a section of pasture, we let the chickens in to sanitize the pasture by disrupting parasite life cycles and eating pesky bugs. The short grass benefits the hens because it removes insect hiding places and stimulates tasty fresh sprouts of grass that are easy for the chickens to eat. In the barnyard, the chickens help by cleaning up any spilled grain from the dairy goat flock and destroying fly larvae in their constant quest for bugs.

Our layers are raised on non-GMO feed along with garden scraps and all the bugs, grass, and spilled grain they want from the pasture and barnyard. They also receive crushed oyster shells to supply additional calcium for healthy eggs. Our chickens’ wholesome diet produces eggs that are full of flavor and nutrition. Their eggs are high in Omega-3 and vitamin E, low in cholesterol, and have nutrient-dense, bright yellow-orange yolks due to their high chlorophyll diet.

IMG_0246We raise heritage breeds of chickens, including Dominique, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, and several mixed “mutts.” Multiple roosters in addition to our livestock guardian dog keep our hens safe from predators.

Our eggs areĀ $6.00 per dozen.