Pastured Broilers


Our broiler chickens are humanely raised in 10’x12′ pens that are moved daily on pasture. They get free-choice non-GMO feed from a local mill; our livestock graze the pastures down ahead of the broilers to stimulate fresh, tender sprouts of grass for the chickens to feast on. In return, the chickens debug and fertilize the pasture so the grass grows back quicker, thicker, and more nutritious for the livestock.

IMG_6174In raising our chickens, we never use GMOs, antibiotics, artificial hormones, steroids, or any other chemicals. Our birds are raised naturally and are allowed to fully express their “chicken-ness,” just as they were created to do. Our non-GMO broiler feed is a custom blend of corn, oats, roasted soybeans, fish meal (for added protein), and minerals (for healthy growth).

As soon as our chicks arrive from the hatchery, they are safely unloaded into the brooder, where they stay for the first 3 weeks until they are ready to go out on pasture. In the brooder, they are kept warm and have easily accessible food and water.

When they are about 3 weeks old, our broilers are moved out onto pasture where they have all the fresh grass, bugs, and GMO-free grain they want. The chickens stay on pasture for the next 5 weeks to grow before they are processed.

Our broilers are processed at around 8 weeks old at an AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) processor.


Chicken Prices:

Whole Chicken $3.75/lb
Boneless Breast $7.99/lb
Thighs $6.99/lb
Legs $5.99/lb
Wings $4.99/lb
Chicken Sausage $7.50/lb
  • Medium Breakfast Sausage
  • Mild Sage Breakfast Sausage
  • Spinach & Garlic Bratwurst
 Livers, Hearts, and Feet  $3.00/lb
Chicken Pet Food Supplement (ground, includes necks, backs, and frames) $3.00/lb