We maintain a small herd of registered dairy goats for personal milk production. Our goats are raised on pasture with the sheep and receive supplemental whole barley to keep them in good condition during lactation. We make limited quantities of all natural goat’s milk soap periodically that is for sale throughout the year. We also have high quality breeding stock available each year from the spring kid crop. More information can be found at www.libertyhomesteadfarm.com.

IMG_9969Our goats are heritage breeds; we raise both Oberhasli and Nigerian Dwarves. Oberhaslis are a standard dairy breed originating in Switzerland, and Nigerians are a miniature breed derived from West African stock. All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, except for one grade Nigerian who is recorded with the International Dairy Goat Registry.

When we have excess male goat kids, we occasionally offer goat meat for sale. Meat goats are grass-fed along with the market lambs, though they may have had small amounts of grain before weaning.

Goat Products:
All Natural Goat’s Milk Soap $5.00/bar
Dairy Goat Breeding Stock (see www.libertyhomesteadfarm.com) Variable