What is “Salad Bar” lamb?

Unlike many ‘grass fed’ systems that feed grass hay and still finish their animals on corn, our lambs are intensively rotated on fresh pasture, usually every 1-2 days. They are never fed any grain whatsoever and constantly receive a bountiful buffet of fresh green forage, hence the term “Salad Bar Lamb.”

We don’t use any chemicals in our pasture, and the livestock are followed by Pastured Poultry, which fertilize the fields naturally. This system encourages biodiversity as it mimics natural ecosystems such as the American Great Plains and the African Serengeti.

During a brief walk through the section of pasture our flock is currently grazing, we identified over 50 distinct plant species, including grasses, legumes, wildflowers, and other forbs! The grass in some areas is over 4 feet tall!

By managing our stock naturally, we are producing the very best products and healing the land in the process!